Is Walgreens Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Cameron Jenkins

There is rarely a shortage of hustle and bustle on Turkey Day. From preparing a delicious bird with multiple appetizing sides to managing the arrivals of various family members and orchestrating activities to keep the kids busy, it seems like the day’s tasks are never really complete. That includes last-minute runs to your local pharmacy for all the little things you’ve may have forgotten (like extra TUMS).

While some major grocery stores and convenience stores will be open on the holiday, others like CVS will be closed, making it that much more difficult to determine where you can go to pick up your items. So, in preparation for the big day, you may find yourself wondering …

… is Walgreens open on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

We’re here to let you know that your go-to for beauty, household essentials and pharmacy needs will in fact be open on Thanksgiving. Most Walgreens locations will operate from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the holiday. Though, you should always double-check with your nearest store to confirm its hours.

Will Walgreens’ pharmacy be open?

All 24-hour Walgreens locations will have their pharmacies open on Thanksgiving. Some locations will operate with limited hours. To be safe, it is best to check with your local store.

What about Walgreens’ curbside pick up and delivery?

If you find yourself a little too busy to make it into the store, or you don’t have the time to scan the aisles, Walgreens will also offer in-store pick up and same-day delivery.

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