A Full Calendar of All March Holidays and Observances in 2023

Cameron Jenkins

March may be known for the start of spring and St.Patrick’s Day, but honestly, the month has so many other special days to offer. So while you’re decorating everything in green and getting the kids excited about outdoor activities, be sure to check out some other March holidays and observances this year.

We’ve taken the time to compile all the national, federal and quirky unofficial holidays that fall during the third month of the year. As you take a scroll through this list, you’ll find out what day Purim falls on this year, when you should prepare to acknowledge International Women’s Day, as well as monthly observances such as Women’s History Month (because inspiring and trailblazing women deserve to be acknowledged) and National Color Therapy Month.

This year, don’t let March babies have all the fun. Dive into this directory of a host of festivities that you can enjoy all month long.

March Holidays and Observances

March 1

  • World Candle Day
  • World Compliment Day
  • World Music Therapy Day
  • World Seagrass Day
  • National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  • Saint David’s Day
  • Self-Injury Awareness Day
  • Women’s History Month
  • World Music Therapy Day
  • Zero Discrimination Day
  • Baby Sleep Day
  • National Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day
  • National Pig Day
  • National Wedding Planning Day
  • National Welsh Corgi Day
  • Plan a Solo Vacation Day
  • Share a Smile Day

March 2

  • Texas Independence Day
  • World Teen Mental Wellness Day
  • Read Across America
  • National Banana Cream Pie Day

March 3

  • World Wildlife Day
  • World Birth Defects Day
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • World Hearing Day
  • National Anthem Day
  • Missouri Compromise
  • National Mulled Wine Day

March 4

  • National Grammar Day
  • National Hug a G.I. Day
  • World Obesity Day
  • National Pound Cake Day
  • National Snack Day

March 5

  • National Cheese Doodle Day

March 6

  • Casimir Pulaski Day
  • National Dress Day
  • National Oreo Cookie Day
  • National Dentists Day
  • Purim
  • National Day of Unplugging
  • Dred Scott Case
  • World Tennis Day
  • National Frozen Food Day

March 7

  • Vermont Town Meeting Day
  • National Be Heard Day
  • World Plant Power Day
  • National Cereal Day
  • National Flapjack Day
  • Sock Monkey Day

March 8

  • National Proofreading Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • National Retro Video Game Day
  • Discover What Your Name Means Day

March 9

  • National Get Over It Day
  • National Popcorn Lover’s Day
  • National Meatball Day
  • World Kidney Day

March 10

  • Harriet Tubman Day
  • National Hug Your Dog Day
  • National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 11

  • National Promposal Day

March 12

  • National Girl Scout Day
  • Daylight Saving Time Starts
  • National Plant a Flower Day

March 13

  • National Good Samaritan Day
  • National K9 Veterans Day
  • National Napping Day

March 14

  • International Day of Mathematics
  • National Potato Chip Day
  • Pi Day
  • White Day

March 15

  • World Consumer Rights Day

March 16

  • National Corn Dog Day

March 17

  • Evacuation Day
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • World Sleep Day

March 18

  • National Biodiesel Day
  • Awkward Moments Day

March 19

  • National Let’s Laugh Day
  • International Read to Me Day
  • St. Joseph’s Day

March 20

  • World Oral Health Day
  • French Language Day
  • National Kick Butts Day
  • National Proposal Day
  • Spring Equinox (Start of Spring)
  • International Day of Happiness

March 21

  • National Common Courtesy Day
  • National French Bread Day
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • National Fragrance Day
  • World Down Syndrome Day
  • World Puppetry Day
  • World Social Work Day
  • World Poetry Day
  • International Day of Forests

March 22

  • First Day of Ramadan
  • World Water Day
  • National Goof Off Day

March 23

  • National Near Miss Day
  • National Tamale Day
  • National Puppy Day
  • World Meteorological Day

March 24

  • World Tuberculosis Day
  • National Cheesesteak Day

March 25

  • Maryland Day
  • National Medal of Honor Day
  • International Waffle Day
  • Earth Hour

March 26

  • National Spinach Day
  • Prince Kuhio Day
  • Purple Day

March 27

  • World Theatre Day
  • National Joe Day

March 28

  • Respect Your Cat Day

March 29

  • National Vietnam War Veterans Day
  • National Smoke and Mirrors Day
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 30

  • National I am in Control Day
  • National Doctors’ Day

March 31

  • César Chávez Day
  • National Crayon Day
  • World Backup Day
  • Trans Day Of Visibility

Week-Long Observances

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Week, Girl Scout Week, National Aardvark Week, Women in Construction Week – March 5 to 11
  • Sea Week – March 5 to 13
  • American Chocolate Week, National Anonymous Giving Week – March 19 to 25:
  • National Introverts Week – March 20 to 26
  • National Tsunami Awareness Week – March 24 to 30

Month-Long Observances

  • Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
  • American Red Cross Month
  • Berries and Cherries Month
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • Dolphin Awareness Month
  • Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Expanding Girls’ Horizons in Science and Engineering Month
  • International Ideas Month
  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • Listening Awareness Month
  • Mad for Plaid Month
  • National Athletic Training Month
  • National Celery Month
  • National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
  • National Cheerleading Safety Month
  • National Color Therapy Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Crochet Month
  • National Deaf History Month
  • National Flour Month
  • National Frozen Food Month
  • National Music in Our Schools Month
  • Women’s History Month

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