Lily the Haunted Doll Is the Scariest Halloween Decoration Ever

Sarah Maberry

This year’s scariest Halloween decor trend? A haunted doll akin to a Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf (note: this doll is in no way affiliated with Elf on the Shelf).

US Ghost Adventures, a haunted experience and ghost tour company out of Las Vegas has released a creepy-looking “Lily doll“, but unlike Annabelle, she is said to ward off malevolent forces instead of attracting them. According to the creators, the best way to use the doll is to “make Lily move around and appear in a different place for others to find each morning.” No matter where she pops up, she’ll be sure to terrify everyone in sight.

Ghost Adventures Lily Doll

Ghost Adventures Lily Doll

For centuries, handmade figurines have been left out in October to scare away ghosts and spirits, helping protect their owners from these evil forces. This Lily doll, in particular, was inspired by Countess Elizabeth Bàthory de Ecsed, a 16th-century Hungarian noblewoman accused of killing hundreds of women so she could bathe in their blood.

After unboxing your Lily doll, display her in an area you want to protect, so long as it’s not near a mirror, and move it around whenever you’d like to protect another spot around the house (or scare the bejeebers out of a loved one). When November 1 rolls around, place Lily back in her box and keep her stored away until the following October. According to the packaging,”she gets bored the rest of the year and will get into mischief.”

haunted halloween doll lily doll halloween elf on the shelf


Lily is said to move on her own, make lights flicker and cause things to go bump in the middle of the night. “Believe me, this doll is worth it. My kids were so scared I had to return it,” writes one Amazon reviewer. Others who love spooky things found Lily an absolute hit. “The kids love Elf on the Shelf at Christmastime, so we made October even more special,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Lily bounces around to a new location every day, and you never know what she will be up to.”

Available for $30 on Amazon, this haunted Lily doll makes for a fun new Halloween tradition and an excellent gag gift for the spooky-obsessed. Though, you’ll want to stay on her good side… or else!

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